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What is "Wine"?

Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) is not an Emulator in the common sense. Wine provides a set of APIs allowing Windows applications to run directly in X-Windows in Linux. It is also possible to compile programs using these APIs. Up until now Wine mostly runs on x86 architecture, but ports to other architectures in progress.

Wine was started in early 1993 by Bob Armstrad and Alexandre Julliard. Currently more than hundred programmers are involved in Wine development. After a time of stagnation Wine made significant progress since late 1998. Today, many applications run with more and more stability under Wine on Linux and Unix systems. Although Wine still is available only as a developer's version, installing it could be worthwhile for users and system administrators. Wine supports applications for Windows 3.1, -95 and -98 (TM). The first release of Wine is in sight.

My Projekt

When I installed my Debian update in 1998 there was a Wine package on it. I installed it on a computer with a DOS/Windows partition. The first attempt to start a simple application was not quite successful but it was promising and amazing. Therefore, to give it a chance, I startet to search for newer packages immediately.

When I first installed Wine, there was no useful Documentation for those who are not not involved in Wine developement but willing to install and test Wine. After installation one searched through snippets of documentation spread over the source tree to find information useful for using wine. This time the idea to write a HOWTO was born. The Wine-HOWTO is not quite ready yet. A translation to German is underway.

Newest Version of the Wine-HOWTO

The newest version of the Wine-HOWTO is available on my homepage. There are two servers available:

La-Sorciere houses a mirror of my homepage but it is faster and preferable.

The Wine-HOWTO is available in different formats: text, Postscript, Docbook-sgml and online as HTML-pages. The first three are also available compressed by bzip2. Since the solitaire game "Arachnid" mentioned in the HOWTO is no longer available on the Simtel server, it may be downloaded here (compressed with Zip).

Those who compile Wine from source may find it useful to check out a specific version of Wine by date and time. Please have a look further down for cvsdate, an utility supporting this.

All downloadable files and the online version of the HOWTO can be reached from the Wine-HOWTO Index Page.

More Wine Related Information

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As there are many patches applied to the Wine source tree, new bugs are introduced from time to time. As "cvs update -D [date]" does not work correctly with CVS tree for Wine, Pavel wrote a little Perl script which checks out a special version by time and date, in order to find out the specific patch causing the problem. I made some enhancements to the script. It is available here. Get cvsdate. Note: Currently there ist a problem with cvsdate, as there are still files in the source checked in with wrong timestamp. You should check out /server/process.h, if cvsdate downgraded it to 1.16.

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