Running Wine

If you cannot execute Wine, either as user or as root, you have to check if there is a Wine executable. To do that you can use "find" or locate. If the command "locate wine" shows nothing, and your locate database is up-to-date, there is no Wine executable on your system. Your installation process failed, and you have to try again. If Wine is found, do "ls -al directory-to-Wine/wine". The permissions should be "-rwxr-xr-x". If they are not, you should correct this with chmod. Now you may call Wine directly including the path. If this works, the directory Wine resides in, is not in your path and you should add it. If all these hints do not help, you should refer to your operating system manual, to learn about finding and accessing files and permissions.

Sometimes there are other error messages that tell you something was missed while compiling or installing Wine packages:

"wine: error in loading shared libraries 
/usr/lib/ undefined symbol:"

That error comes from having libraries and binaries compiled with different versions of gcc. Normally you have to upgrade your glibc.

"... please install Xpm and recompile..."

If you compiled Wine without having xpm installed before, you get the error message. Install all the packages needed to compile Wine, delete config.cache in the root of the source tree and do all the steps described above again.