Preparing Installation and Installing from Source

Get the development packages you need and install them properly. Get the source package and install it into a directory of your choice. This directory may be a directory in your home directory as root access is not necessary for compiling the program. If you want to get any CVS version of the Wine source tree, install CVS and follow the instructions on After installing the source tree, you may make some changes to the configure script and in the root of the tree do:

$ ./configure
$ make depend
$ make

If there are errors, ensure that you got all the packages you need, and ensure that the changes you made to the configure script work. For some errors you have to delete config.cache (or just do a make distclean) in the directory with the Wine source tree and try again with the steps above. If there were no errors in each step and you want to install Wine system wide, change to root or use "sudo" or "su -c" to install Wine:

$ sudo make install
$ su -c make install

Now Wine should be installed on your system. Before trying to run it, complete the configuration as described below.