Other Problems - FAQ

Application Needs Share

If you get a message "you have to load share.exe before starting Windows" or something like that, you have to check two things. Is there a share.exe in your path? - If not put it into the path or if you do not have any Windows, do "sudo touch /usr/local/lib/win/windows/share.exe" (or wherever your windows directory is). In addition make sure, that your temp dir is correctly assigned in wine.conf and is accessible.

Not Enough Memory to Run Application

It is reported for Winword 6.0 that this often is caused by a temp dir that is not writable.

Warning About Invalid Entrypoint

If you try to run applications infected by a virus, sometimes you get a fixme-message ending up with "(possible Virus Infection or broken binary)!". Up to now this always is a sign for a real virus infection. Newer virus checkers will normally find the virus. If your virus checker does not report an infection, it is out of date, not very good or you got a really new virus not known by the virus checker.

Common Error Messages

After Wine cvs/version 99042x: If you get the error "Unable to find 'xxx_ThunkData[16|32]'", this indicates that there is a version/loadtype mismatch between the win16 and win32 dll-pair. You should have a look into your wine.conf or ~/.winerc!

Problems While Compiling Wine

Compilation ends up with

"make[1]: *** [3dcommon.o] Error1 [...]"

You forgot to install a new Mesa. Update to Mesag3 and try again. You will find Mesa on your Linux distribution disk or at Mesa Homepage

Maybe, you get another error

C compiler cannot create excutables

This is not a Wine problem. One of the packages that has to be installed to compile executables on the system (normally binutils)is missing. If it is already installed, deleting the config.cache should help.

Problems with True Type Fonts and Fontserver

If you have installed a font server to use true type fonts from your Windows installation, you may have problems while loading them. Have a look at error messages from the font server to find irregular fonts or start Wine with "-debugmsg +font" to find out which font causes the problem and uninstall it.