Other Command Line Parameters

In addition to the information given here, please read the Wine manual page ("man wine") about command line parameters!

The most important command line parameters are "-managed" "-desktop" and "winver". If you want your Window manager to control the application window, you may use "-managed":

$ wine -managed ../agent.exe

To run an application in its own dektop, the parameter "-desktop desktop-size" is used where desktop size is the size of the desktop in pixels, eg 640x400.
$ wine -desktop 800x600 ../agent.exe

As detection of the Windows version, applications are programmed for still is not fully implemented, sometimes it is useful to tell Wine the version to use with "-winver":

$ wine -winver win95 application.exe

This is needed especially if the application complains about not running with Win32S. Valid versions are: win31, win95, nt351, and nt40.