Chapter 6. Wine Winsock

This chapter will cover using winsock applications with Wine. It introduces to configuring and using tcp/ip with Wine and Linux.

Wine provides winsock version 1.1 for any application using it. Winsock 2.0 still is not yet fully implemented, so applications using winsock 2.0 may not run with Wine.

Wine winsock uses the networking facilities of your system. If you want to connect to the Internet or to another server in your LAN with a Wine application, you have to get the connection working with Linux first. How to do that is described in the Net-HOWTOs, Serial-HOWTO and PPP-HOWTO. Wine will use that configuration to provide winsock services to your application. You do not need to configure dialing to the Internet with Wine like you do using Windows (e.g., dialing with trumpet winsock or Network configuration in Windows 9.x).

To connect to local servers like a local news server or mail service, no dial up connection is used. Wine winsock provides local TCP/IP connection automatically, as TCP/IP is provided by the Linux kernel.

Assuming connection is set up with Linux and the Wine-user is able to use that connection, he or she only has to set up the Wine application to use with that connection. Examples are Agent as mail and newsreader, Pegasus mail, Opera as webbrowser.

To set up your application, please refer to its documentation.