Chapter 9. Printing With Wine

Table of Contents
Printing Basics for Wine
Essential Files and Documentation
Configuring Wine for Printing
Fonts for Printing with Wine
Common Problems
Sources and Additional Information

This chapter will give you an introduction to printing under Wine. As printing still is not completed this chapter is experimental, too. If you have some experience with printing under Wine, we would like your contribution for the text.

Printing Basics for Wine

There are two ways to print with Wine: Using the internal Postscript driver from Wine or a native printer driver for your printer. As Wine is still in development and no final release is available, there may be still problems with printing (e.g., crashes). But with some applications you may print with acceptable results.

Before printing with Wine you should have your printer working with Linux (or BSD or whatever you use). More about printing with Linux in the Printing-HOWTO and the Printing-Usage-HOWTO. Native GDI (Windows) printers do not work with Wine if they cannot emulate another printer like Epson FX or something else. Linux supported printers are listed in the Hardware-HOWTO.