Chapter 11. Save Running Wine Installations

This chapter is only useful while Wine is alpha or beta. So if you read this when Wine is released, you should get a newer version of this HOWTO, as this copy really will be out of date.

If you find a version of Wine runs some of your most-used applications, it is really good to have a copy of the source or the Wine installation before updating the source tree or installing a new Wine package.

People installing Wine from packages should keep a copy of the installed packages until they really know that they want to stay at a newer version of Wine.

For the others who installed from source it is a good idea to make a backup of the source tree or the Wine installation in /usr/local before updating the source and installing the new binaries.

Here is a little example script for making backups with tar:

Example 11-1. Shellscript to save Wine Installation>

#! /bin/bash
# savewine
savefile=$HOME/wine/savewine/wine$(date +"%m%d").tgz
tar cvfz $savefile /usr/local/* /home/jw/.wine/ /home/wine/windows/
# Please edit the command line to fit your directories!
# unpacking with "tar xvfpz" as root from "/"

Be aware that you can save the whole /usr/local only if you do not install other programs there! When unpacking an old tar you may accidentally overwrite newer files. How to avoid that? Refer to "man tar".