Chapter 10. Running Applications

Table of Contents
Application Needs Data Files or Configuration File to Run
Other Command Line Parameters
Dll Loading Strategy
The Wine Clipboard Server
VxD Support Within Wine
Which Applications do Actually run with Wine?

Some applications just can be run from anywhere by giving them as command line parameter to Wine. But on the other hand you often have to cd to the working directory. It always is a good idea not to run any application directly from a menu of your X-Windows as you will not see the output. The following hints assume you opened a xterm to test how to start the application.

You may test first the following steps:

1. try to run the application from anywhere e.g.

$ wine /dos/windows/sol.exe

If that works you may define an alias for the commands in your shell, eg bash. if not

2. change to the directory where the application resides; e.g.

$ cd /dos/wingam/arachnid 

start the application from there; e.g.
$ wine -winver win31 arachnid 

If that works put the two command lines into a shell script to start the application. If not

3. Try to find out, whether the application needs to be run from within its working directory. Change the directory, e.g.

$ cd /dos/agent/data

Start the application including the relative or complete path eg
$ wine --winver win31 ../agent.exe

If that works, put the two commands into a shell script.

If it still does not work, there may be a real problem running the application. Before reporting a bug try to analyse the problem. Try to run another application that is known to run without problems with Wine. If that one does not work, too, go to Chapter 13. If that works fine, try some other applications and ensure that you typed all your commands mentioned above correctly. If you did and the other applications work fine, report all the commands you used and the output to the Wine newsgroup. Maybe, you'll get some hints there.

Application Needs Data Files or Configuration File to Run

If the application, its data file and the initialisation file (*.ini) are not in the same directory you call the application from, you may use command line parameters or change to the directory with these files before running the application. To give a command line parameter to Wine, you have to include the application and itīs parameters with quotation marks.


$ wine "/dos/agent/agent.exe c:\agent\data\agent.ini"
$ wine "setup.exe /sms"

If you find that your application is fully functional, consider yourself very fortunate. Most Win3.1 applications will run with some tweaking, but some others may never run under Wine. Win95 programs, including games programs, are now reporting successful running under Wine, and will improve during 1999. NT programs are a little bit more tricky.